Since 1999, BALTON has been a driving force in implementing cohesive interiors, while adapting to new trends in the industry. In BALTON, we believe that interiors are no longer decorated- they are curated.

Over the past few years, furniture has become the new collectible of the art world and many art museums add furniture pieces to their design collections. Furniture created by industrial designers and architects are now displayed as art, not only in the spacious galleries of museums and Institutions, but in the private residences of people from all over the world, too.

Inspired by this current tendency, BALTON strives to enable people to curate their own space by purposefully selecting and arranging elegant yet comfortable and functional furniture in their living space. In this process, we can find -together with our clients- this almost intangible element that can lend a space an authentic look and feeling, exuding an individual’s own personal style and personality that speaks to who they are.

By constantly trying to redefine our design sensibilities, our goal is to help people curate spaces that they will utilize for years, providing an eclectic array of furniture that fits their needs.